What are the most common types of Thalassaemias found in the Maldives?

Ans: Beta and Alpha

What are the most common types of haemoglobinopathies found in the Maldives?

Ans: HB S , Hb D and Hb E

Can Thalassaemia patients work as other people?

Ans: Yes, if they maintain regular treatment they can work as normal as any other

What is the diffrence between a Thalassaemia carrier and a Thalassaemia major?

Ans: Thalassamia majors are transfusion dependent andThalassaemia carriers are healthy and do not require transfusions

Can a Thalassaemia carrier become a Thalassaemia major?

Ans: No

Who cannot donate blood?

Ans:A peson who is ill, anaemic, has not had enough sleep, under weight/age

Why does a Thalassaemia major need iron chelation?

Ans:To remove excess iron from the body

Can a person be a carrier for both Alpha and Beta Thalassaemia?

Ans: Yes,

Is there a risk of getting a Thalassaemic when an Alpha and a Beta carrier get married?

Ans: No

What are the chances of getting a Thalassaemic if both partners are Beta Thalassaemia carriers?

Ans: 25% chance in every pregnancy

What is the treatment given for Thalassaemia majors?

Ans: Regular blood transfusions together with iron chelation therapy, and permanent cure is BMT

Can a Thalassaemia major be detected before birth?

Ans: Yes, by PND

How often can a person donate blood?

Ans: every 3 month

Can a Thalassaemia carrier donate blood?

Ans: Yes, if he is healthy he can donate blood just like any other person

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