Psycho-social Counseling Clinic

The Counseling Unit provides a wide range of notable services to the community. Among those are:

  • Telephone counseling
  • Face-face counseling
  • Play therapy (mainly to children)

Counselling services are provided in the following areas such as relationship issues, depression, anxiety, marital issues, family issues, health related issues, and other social and personal issues.

  1. farahanaz Abdulla on Apr 18, 2012 :

    who are the recommended counselors, available at SHE for counseling for marital issues????? how can i make an appointment with one………..
    thnx. Fara .

    • Programme Department on May 14, 2012 :

      Currently there are no counsellors in SHE who are specialized in a specific area, however, there are counsellors who are trained to deal with marital issues. An appointment can be made at 3316231 (ext 170).

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