Session for pre-school teachers of Ameer Ahmed school on Child Abuse and Gender Based Violence, 2011


The activity was conducted through an initiation by the Management of Ameer Ahmed School. SHE was requested by them to conduct a session for their pre-school teachers on Child Abuse. It was later on decided that a session on Gender Based Violence will be conducted as well. The sessions were held on 7 July 2011 which was the day the school was celebrating its professional development day.

 1.     Activity Details

                               I.            Sessions and Participation

Session on Child Abuse

It facilitated by Shiyama Anwar and Iyasha Leena from the Counseling and Psychosocial Services of SHE. The teachers were given information on what exactly child abuse is, the types of child abuse, ways to identify child abuse, steps that could be taken to if and when they identify a case of child abuse. The teachers were also shared a format to document any such cases.

Session on Gender Based Violence

This session was facilitated by Dr. Mausooma Kamaldeen and Nashidha Sobry from the Sexual and Reproductive Services of SHE. The participants were shared the World (WHO document) and country (2006 report UNFPA) situation of Gender Based Violence and with the help of a Power Point Presentation, the teachers were explained what Gender Based Violence is and the effects of GBV on Reproductive Health. They were also given information on what could be done if a person is suffering from Gender Based Violence and the importance of breaking the silence.

2.     Constraints

  • The number of teachers was more than expected and this was a constraint for the facilitators.

3.     Recommendations/ Feedback

At the end of the sessions, the teachers were requested to fill a feedback form for the respective session. On evaluation of these forms, were able to find out the following.

  1. The participants were asked how important was the information provided in the sessions. Following is their feedback:
Session Not Useful Somewhat useful Very useful
Child Abuse 0 participants 0 participants 29 participants
Gender Based Violence 0 participants 0 participants 31 Participants

 When they were asked how they felt on the way the session was taken, following is their feedback:

Session Not interesting Somewhat Interesting Very Interesting
Child Abuse 0 participants 6 participants 23 participants
Gender Based Violence 0 participants 6 participants 25 participants

 When they were asked if they would participate in a similar discussion, following is their feedback.

Session Will Participate Will not participate
Child Abuse 28 participants 1 participant
Gender Based Violence 30 Participants 1 Participant

 Other Comments by the participants

For the Session on Child Abuse

  • Conduct such sessions with both females and male participants present
  • Provide information on how to deal with a child who is suffering from child abuse
  • Provide information who could be contacted in such a case
  • Provide more information on this topic
  • Conduct sessions like these for parents
  • Increase the time and provide more information on this issue
  • Give information on how to explain children on good touch and bad touch
  • Include the religious aspect of the issue in the session

 For the Session on Gender Based Violence

  • Conduct sessions like these to parents of pre-school children
  • Conduct more sessions like these
  • Include the religious aspect of the issue in the session
  • Provide information on how to talk to a child on issues like these
  • Increase the session time
  • Include more male participants in sessions like these
  • Provide information in more detail
  • Session would have been more interesting if there were more Audio and Video was used.

5.     Way Forward

  • Limit the number of participants per session to 15. This would enable the facilitators to attend to the concerns and queries of participants better.
  • Conduct at least 1 follow up session

6.     Annexes

                     a.      Team List



Task(s) Allocated

Project Coordinator  Aishath Nuzuha Programme Department  Coordination
Team member  Shiyama Anwar Counseling and psychosocial Services  Facilitator
Team Member Iyasha Leena Counseling and psychosocial services  Facilitator
Team member Dr. Mausooma Kamaldeen Sexual and Reproductive Health Services Facilitator
Team Member Nashidha Sobry Sexual and Reproductive Health Services Facilitator





Estimated Budget (MRF)

Actual (MRF)

Variance (MRF)

Reasons for Variance











An additional session was conducted, for which no budget was estimated.


Material Development













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