Demand Generation Campaign for In-house SHE Services/ Participation in Youth Vision 2011


SHE participated in the Youth Vision held on the 7th,8th and 9th of April 2011 in order to generate demands for SHE’s in-house services. Three stalls were set up which will give information about Sexual and Reproductive Health related areas, including HIV and VCT, thalassaemia and the final stall as a source of attraction with games and such for the youth. The participants in this game will learn more about the service areas through the games.

 1.     Activity Details

                               I.            Initiation and Preparation

This activity was initiated as an ad-hoc activity when the organizing body Maldives Exhibition and Conference Services invited SHE to participate in the fair in late February 2011. At 20% off rate, when SHE paid for two stalls, MECS gave us two stall spaces for free.

After selecting a task team with representatives from each department, this activity was carried out with many internal meetings and discussions. A meeting was held on 28th February to initiate the project and after that, four task team (focal point) meetings held throughout the preparation stages.

Since the budget was extremely limited, many ideas were brainstormed on how to make the stall most attractive with the least expensive methods available. After much discussions, it was decided to decorate the stall with flags, posters, satin clothe, furniture and multimedia systems. While clothe and other decorative items were bought under the budget allocated, a special approval was obtained from CEO to print all the IEC/BCC materials required for the event. The 32 inch TV screen was a free of charge loan from Reefside while the furniture was a loan with compliments from Muni Home Care.

Though a month was allocated for the preparation, due to budget constraints and removing many of the options at first discussed, the program department worked under short time period of two weeks to design and print all the required materials for the event. Help from outside was sought for designing where two designers designed all of the new posters free of charge.  During the set-up of the stall, many volunteers helped to decorate the stall and with their help only, the stalls were set up on time successfully.

                              II.            Stalls  and Seminars

The activities set at SHE’s stall include:

  • Activity Stall

The participants will learn more about Thalassaemia, HIV/AIDS, Sexual reproductive health issues, and Psychosocial counseling issues through the following 4 games – Snake and ladder, Alphabet game, Candy Game, High Risk Game.

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health Information with BP and Weight checking
  • HIV AIDS information and Free counseling and testing for HIV/AIDS
  • Thalassaemia Information with Thalassaemia Screening
  • Distribution of leaflets

Apart from the information reached through stalls, information was also distributed through seminars on the following topics:

  • 7th April – Stress Management
  • 8th April – Thalassaemia
  • 9th April – SRH and HIV/AIDS

                           III.            Team

The team at the Youth Vision included all staff from Program, SRH department, Laboratory, Counselling and one staff from Admin, as well as 1 Youth Member and many volunteers.

                         IV.            Numbers reached and comments

The numbers reached are divided as follows:


Psychosocial Issues: 20 people

Thalassaemia information: 4 people

Sexual and Reproductive Health information: 16 people


Voluntary counseling and testing: 55 people

Blood grouping: 6 people:

Thalassaemia screening: 2 people

Thalassaemia information: 75 people

Information on Pychosocial issues: 260 people

Sexual and Reproductive Health/weight and blood pressure: 1322 people

2.     De- brief Meeting

A de- briefing meeting was held on 19th April for all staff involved with the precense of CEO. All staff discussed about the achievements, success, constraints, and recommendations.  The de-briefing presentation is attached for further details. Some of the points discussed after the presentation was given are as follows:

  • The de-briefing meeting is only for the activity focal point, not all staff.
  • Program department should remind AED to bring resource mobilization contacts to EMM
  • Constraints given were too broad. The constraints should be pin-pointed to specific situations.
  • VCT set-up was excellent.
  • Numbers reached is not less because last year all those who visited, visited three NGOs while this year, all those who visited, visited SHE alone.
  • All in all, everyone felt the event was a successful one.

3.     Constraints and Recommendations

Constraints identified by all departments are as follows:

  • The noise level due to music being played at high volume from neighboring stalls was a deterrent to giving information.
  • Lack of sufficient number of resource personnel:

Eg:Difficult to attend to everyone due to one of the counselors not being able to participate due to personal reasons and another counselor being on dual duty some of the time.

  • Last minute changes in the set-up. Internal disagreements in-front of clients.
  • Not enough place for VCT, many left because they could not wait.
  • Not enough space for games.
  • Too much space was allocated for a single stall

Out of these constraints, the disagreement in-front of client incidence was taken very seriously by CEO and discussed in-depth in the de-briefing meeting.

Recommendations include:

  • Trying to allocate available space equally among all service areas.
  • Internal disagreements to be solved internally and all staff to take this as a serious issue.





Allocated Budget in APB 2010 (MRF)

Estimated Budget (MRF)

Actual (MRF)

Variance (MRF)

Reasons for Variance





Stall Rent (3 Stalls)






The previous value was calculated according to the old dollar rate.


Stall Decoration





  • Cloth = 630+180+270+360 = MRF 1440/-
  • White cloth and cord = 92.50/-
  • Sticker paper = 25.00/-
  • Paper and fom board = 77/-
  • Fishing line = 36/-
  • Cord = 40/-
  • Cord and pin boxes = 22.50/-
  • Thimbulhi = 15/-
  • Barani and Zip = 6+6 = 12/-


Material Development





An extra budget of MRF 11417.66/- was approved by CEO to develop materials for this project. The developed materials are for long use and can be used in future 00.00upcoming activities.


Other materials for games and activities





  • Stationary = 110/-
  • Paper/Cellophane to wrap apples = 186/-
  • Red apples = 580/-
  • Fruit Plus and Jelly = 100/-
  • Stationary = 179/-
  • Juice Petty bags = 60/-
  • Fruit plus and Jelly = 36/-
  • Cloud 9 chocolates = 92/-
  • Candy and lolly pops = 270/-
  • Plastic Cups = 270/-


Transport and Refreshments and other misc





  • Transport (Pickup and Taxi) = 520/-
  • Water and Refreshments = 1128/-
  • Hiring Help = 600/-
  • Hand Sanitizer = 22/-









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