Workshop to pharmacists on consequences of unsafe abortion and EC-pill, 2010


 1.     Summary

The workshop was held on 31st May 2010 at the Asaree Hall A, on the 3rd Floor of SHE building. One of the main reasons for organizing this event is to create awareness and give information to the pharmacists about their input to prevent unsafe abortions and give information on the proper use of EC-Pills. The participants were given a small welcome speech by the Assistant Executive Director of SHE, Ms. Fazna Shakir. The workshop was conducted by SRHR department and was facilitated by Dr. Mausooma and Nashida. Information was provided via presentations by the facilitators, discussions among the participants, role plays and also through distribution of printed materials.

 2.     Activity Details

                               I.            Sessions  and Participation

43 pharmacists from 24 pharmacies in Male’ were invited to participate in the workshop. However, only 12 pharmacists from 9 pharmacies were able to take part in the workshop.

The First session was carried out with a PowerPoint presentation on unsafe abortion and its consequences. The participants gave a good response as they did ask the facilitators any questions to clarify their doubts.

The second session was on EC-pills and how it can be used. This session was also covered with the use of a PowerPoint presentation. This topic was considered very useful especially since it was observed that only 1 pharmacist of the 12 pharmacists who attended the workshop knew what an EC-Pill was. It was also seen that misconceptions about the EC-Pills also existed. Despite of this, the participation by the pharmacists was good.

A role play was also played to help the participants understand the situation better and also to make the workshop a bit more interesting. The pharmacists were divided into two groups and each group was given a scenario which they had to explain through a role play by the individuals of the group. This role play was also proven very successful as both the groups participated and all of them stated that they had a good time.

3.     Constraints

One of the most difficult tasks of organizing the event was confirming the participants for the workshop. A lot of letters were sent out to pharmacies requesting them to participate. However, although regular follow-up was done, it was very difficult to gather the pharmacists. Some of the reasons were unavoidable such as the clashes of the schedule for the pharmacists. However, unfortunately some pharmacies ignored our request altogether and this was also a constraint for us in gathering the targeted amount of pharmacists.

4.     Recommendations/ Feedback

At the end of the workshop, the participants were given a small evaluation form in order to get their feedback about the workshop. A high majority of the participants stated that the information they received was very useful. Moreover, all of them also stated that the way the information was presented was interesting. It was also noted that all the participants stated that they would participate in a similar discussion if they were given the chance. Most of the participants also suggested that more workshops like these be held.

5.     Way Forward

In order to conduct a successful workshop, gathering participants are very important. So in order to do this we need to identify the potential participants and try to make them understand the importance of such events and pursue them as much we can into participating in it.


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Allocated Budget (MRF)

Actuals (MRF)

Variance (MRF)

Reasons for Variance




 1  Hall Rent






The amount expected was lower.
 2  Refreshments






The refreshments were organized by SHE and not through outsourcing.
 3  Training Materials






Since the participants were less than targeted, the training materials required to purchase was also less.
4 Printing of certificates and photographs for participants






It was not included in the proposed budget.
5  Misc. Expenses






The cost of printing the Banner was low.







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