Provision of Leukocyte Filters 2010


  Since thalassaemia is a core component of SHE’s mandate, support for thalassaemia has been an integral part of this component. Under the support for thalassaemia, SHE has provided leukocyte filters, pumps, blood donors…etc to thalassaemics over the past years. Hence, it was decided in the Annual Program Budget of 2010 to find means to once again continue the provision of leukocyte filters to the 650 registered patients in Maldives.

 1.     Activity Details

                               I.            Filter Consignments:

The above mentioned filters were always provided to thalassaemics of Maldives through a joint effort by SHE, Emirates Foundation and Media Prima. Likewise, in the Annual Program Budget 2010, it was decided to try through Emirates Foundation and Media Prima to once again provide these filters. It was targeted to provide 3900 filters in 2010, which is 6 months supply for 650 patients. However, this joint collaboration managed to provide a total of 5440 filters to the 650 patients which is 8 months supply.

The filters came in two batches. The first consignment contained 3000 filters which was received on 14th February 2010 and the second consignment containing 2440 filters were received on 25th March 2010.

SHE’s administrative staff were responsible for clearing the consignment and bringing the filters to SHE. One of the batches were received in the wee hours of morning and the administrative staff very efficiently handled the consignments.

Due to the lack of communication between SHE –  Emirates –  Media Prima, it was noticed that no prior notification was given to SHE before sending the filters. Both the first and the second batch arrived unannounced. This caused lot of havoc as a huge amount of demurrage was run up, the import license was not obtained and the duty value also was a huge amount for SHE to pay. However, the demurrage was made free of charge by Island Aviation after SHE’s management meeting with them. Also, the import license was obtained in due time.

                             II.            Filter Handover Ceremony

Upon a request by Emirates to handover the filters to Ministry of Health and Family, a filter handover ceremony was arranged for the 16th of March 2010, to handover the first consignment of 3000 filters. The event was held at SHE building where SHE’s management, EXCO, staff, Emirates, Ministry of Health and Family, National Thalassaemia Centre, Maldivian Thalassaemia Society and all the medias were invited. However, the ceremony did not happen as expected as the Director General of Health Services Dr. Yasir Ibrahim did not attend. He was the person confirmed by Ministry of Health as their representative to accept the filters.

Even with MoHF’s absence, the ceremony took place as the media was also present. SHE’s CEO Mr. Mohamed Ajmal, founder member Dr, Naila Firdous answered questions by the media and promised that the filters will be sent to MoHF as soon as possible.

When the second consignment arrived within the next week, it was decided to conduct a small ceremony, without the media and to handover the filters directly to National Thalassaemia Centre. Hence, on the 31st of March 2010, in the presence of Maldivian Thalassaemia Society and few staff of SHE, 5368 filters were handed over to NTC. 72 filters were kept for emergency purposes. The news was sent to the media and all these details were communicated with Emirates and Media Prima. Thank you letters were also sent to them for their donation

2.     Constraints

–          Lack of communication between SHE – Emirates – Media Prima, caused many delays and havoc which could have been avoided.

–          The absence of representation from MoHF caused media queries and some spin by the media which might have looked bad for SHE in the eyes of the MoHF.

 3.     Recommendations/ Feedback and Way Forward

–          To ensure continuous communication between SHE – Emirates – Media Prima to ensure the continuous supply of filters in the coming years.





Allocated Budget (MRF)

Actual (MRF)

Variance (MRF)

Reasons for Variance



Emirates Foundation/ Media Prima


 1  Leukocyte filters





Instead of the 3900 filters expected to be provided by Emirates, an addition of 1540 filters were provided (total 5440 filters) as two batches.
 2  Demurrage





This value was not paid as Island Aviation freed the charges.
 3  Transportation from Hulhule to Male’





 Dhoni charges from Magpie amounted to MRF 799.75, instead of the expected value
 Transportation from Jetty to SHE





 The two consignments were brought in a pickup @ MRF 80 and MRF 120.
4  Import License





 The import license was charged less than expected
 5  Handing over of filters ceremony (Seminar Hall, Sound setup, Tea and Coffee)












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