VCT Centre

SHE provides free of charge VCT (Voluntary Counseling & Testing) service to test for HIV/AIDS. The test results for this service are provided immediately. Moreover, at SHE, the visiting VCT clients need not fear being labeled as VCT clients. Confidentiality is strictly observed.

When a client comes to the VCT Centre, and requests to meet a counselor at the reception, a counselor meets them. The client is given pre-test counseling and then asked if he/she would like to get tested. If he/she agrees to get tested, a blood sample is collected by a Laboratory technologist. Then the sample is analyzed and the report of the result can be collected immediately.

After the VCT results are collected, post test counseling is provided by a counselor.

Service Hours

Sunday – Thursday, 8am – 1.30pm.



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