Poster Competition

Poster theme: Engaging Men to Stop Gender Based Violence (GBV)

Society for Health Education (SHE) is an organization that is proactive in identifying and addressing crucial health and social concerns of the Maldives. Since its inception in 1988, the organization continues to explore options and means of enhancing the quality of life of Maldivian families. The main focus areas of SHE is Counselling and Psychosocial Services, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Thalassaemia Diagnostic and Laboratory Services.


Apart from this, SHE also works in creating awareness among the public to break the cycle of Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Violence against Women. This competition seeks to create awareness on how men can be engaged to stop GBV and how it can be prevented. A sensitization session for the contestants will be held on the day before the competition to increase their knowledge on the subject.


  • Entries must be received by Saturday, September 1st 2012 before 11.30 am
  • Further information can be obtained from the Program Department of SHE
  • An ID card copy must be submitted with the form
  • Contestants must be 15 years or above
  • Contestants will be contacted to inform the venue and time of the competition
  • A sensitization session will be held one day before the competition to increase your understanding of the theme

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