HIV information session for migrant workers of Amin Construction 1 October, 2010



Information session on HIV/AIDS was conducted for migrant workers from Amin Construction Private Limited. 16 migrants participated in this session out of which 14 were from Bangladesh and 2 from Nepal.


The group consisted of people speaking 3 different languages; Bengali, Hindi and Nepali. Therefore the session was conducted by 3 migrant peer educators.

The participants were informed on the basic knowledge, modes of transmission and necessary preventive measures for HIV/AIDS. Peer Educators emphasized on the importance of using condoms as a preventive measure to the group

Each peer was provided with leaflets on HIV/AIDS in their respective languages. A total of 16 IEC materials were distributed.


  • A large number of migrants were reached through a single session.
  • Migrants asked questions without hesitation as it was easy to communicate with the peer educators.
  • All migrants gained new information on HIV/AIDS


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